Pre Placement Talk at Patna Women’s College

Pre Placement Talk at Patna Women’s College by Teach For India was organised on February 29th, 2023.
The event is coordinated by Placement Core Committee members Mr. Alok John, Dean, National
International Collaboration and Consultancy Services, Dr. Sumeet Ranjan, Incharge of Central Research
Laboratory and Assistant Professor of Department of Zoology, Mr. Rajeev Ranjan of Department of
Zoology and Mr. Gautam Saurabh, Assistant Professor of Department of Commerce. Teach for India is a

company which is dedicated towards revolutionizing education in our country It is a company of non-
profit organization that aims to address educational inequity in India. It recruits young professionals and

college graduates as fellows, placing them in low-income schools. The organization focuses on
developing leaders who can drive systemic changes in the education sector. Students from various
departments of semester VI participated in this program and got important information about the goal is
to empower students to overcome socio-economic barriers and reach their full potential. The organization
strives to create a positive and supportive learning environment for students in underprivileged
communities. A total of 41 students participated in the Pre Placement Drive. The entire program was
coordinated by Divisha Kumari Singh, Jt. General Secretary and Anjani Kumari, Jt. Environment and
Discipline Secretary, Student Council, 2023-24.
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