Bill Gates, honored with the prestigious KISS Humanitarian Award

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, was recently honored with the prestigious KISS Humanitarian Award for his outstanding contributions to social work. The ceremony, held on February 28, 2024, in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, recognized Gates’ unique efforts in addressing climate change through innovative technological solutions aimed at improving global health and education while reducing inequality.

Former students, employees, and students of KIIT and KISS participated in the virtual ceremony, where Gates engaged in a meaningful conversation on gender equality, inspired by a question from a former student of KISS.Professor Achyuta Samanta, the founder of KIIT, KISS, and KIMS, expressed that honoring Bill Gates with the KISS Humanitarian Award acknowledges his extraordinary contributions and elevates the prestige of this recognition. Gates’ acceptance sets a new standard for humanitarian work globally, and his inclusion in the list of esteemed honorees is indeed an honor for all

During the event, Bill Gates expressed gratitude for the honor and thanked Dr. Samanta and KIIT for the recognition. He commended Dr. Samanta’s and KISS’s transformative work in providing quality education to indigenous communities and emphasized the importance of community-first perspectives in civic engagement and education.Initiated by Professor Achyuta Samanta in 2008, the KISS Humanitarian Award is the highest honor of KIIT and KISS, dedicated to recognizing individuals and organizations worldwide for their contributions to humanitarian work. The award includes a citation and a trophy with a gold-plated coating, symbolizing the values of purity, compassion, prosperity, and hope embodied by humanitarian efforts. Previous recipients of this prestigious award include a diverse group of global leaders, Nobel laureates, and notable figures from various fields.

Notable personalities who have received the KISS Humanitarian Award include Madam Edna Molewa, Dr. Ham-Ki-San, Rt. Hon. Anirudh Jugnauth, Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Nicholas Addison Phillips, Lyonchen Jigme Thinley, Madam Albina du Boisrouvray, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Mr. Dansa Kourama, and Mama Rachel Ruto.

Professor Amreshwar Galla, Pro-Chancellor of KIIT Deemed University and Inclusive Museums and Sustainable Heritage Development Chair at UNESCO, expressed gratitude on behalf of KIIT for the positive impact of Gates’ philanthropy on communities
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