Carol SingingCompetition On the auspicious occasion of Christmas

On the auspicious occasion of Christmas, Patna Women’s College organized Carol Singing
Competition on 16th December, 2023 in the Open-Air Stage Hall of the college. The
competition was organized both in Hindi and English language respectively. The chief guest
and jury members of the competition were Reverend Father Josey Mathais, S.J. Director
Prabhat Prakashan ; Reverend Father Kuldeep, Arch Bishop’s House, and Mr. Alok John,
Dean National-International Collaboration and Consultancy Services, Patna Women’s

The Hindi Carol Competition began with students singing carols like Bethlehem ki
Gaushala mein, Pyaari Raat and Aao Khushi Se. The vibrant colours of their costumes added
to the beauty of the programme. A total of 12 teams participated in the Hindi Category. The
Hindi Carol was then followed by the English Carol. A total of 8 teams participated in the
English Category. The English Carol began with students singing carols like Favourite Time
of the year, Born to bring us joy and Christmas Spirit .

The Jury member, Father Josey
Mathais S.J. told the students about the technicalities of singing a good song. He delivered
the Christmas message to the students “Jesus Christ came to make us one. He came to make
peace. It is Jesus’s presence because of which we are here, we should live life to the fullest.
Results were declared towards the end of the competition.

Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C.,
Principal, Patna Women’s College addressed the audience and said “Participating is more
important than winning.” She appreciated and congratulated the participants and winner,
respectively. The winners of the Hindi Carol Competition were Code 7 (Mixed); Code 5

(Geography) and Code 12 (Department of Education). And the winners of English Carol
Competition were Code 1(Mixed) ; Code 6 (Geography) and Code 4 (Sociology). The entire
programme was moderated by Ishita Upadhaya, Vice Premier and Tejaswi Kumari,
Environment and Discipline Secretary, Student Council 2023-24. The Vote of thanks was
then proposed by Moon Kumari, General Secretary, Student Council 2023-24, Patna
Women’s College.

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