Patna Women’s College hosted a Kho-Kho match

On December 16, 2023, Patna Women’s College hosted a Kho-Kho match as part of the
Annual Sports Day, 2023, with participation from the B.A., COMMERCE, VOCATIONAL,
and B.SC streams. The first match featured Vocationals against Commerce, and the second
match pitted Arts against Science. Commerce emerged as the winners, while Arts secured the
runner-up position. The entire event was organized under the supervision of Dr. Manjula
Sushila, Sports Coordinator and Head, Department of Hindi, along with Ms. Shweta Singh,
Sports Teacher, Patna Women’s College(autonomous) and Refree Pankaj kumar .Sweety
Kumari, Sports Secretary, and Ishita Upadhaya, Vice Premier, served as the Student Council
Incharge for the games.

Patna Women's College hosted a Kho-Kho match
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