27th C.R.D. Patna Book Fair gearing up from December 1

“Patna, November 29 – The 27th C.R.D. Patna Book Fair, part of Bihar’s Lok Utsav, is gearing up at Gandhi Maidan. Over a hundred laborers and technicians from Kolkata are giving final touches with lively sounds. The Patna Book Fair, scheduled from December 1 to December 12, is ready to illuminate the darkness with the light of books, accompanied by gate number 10 near Ramgulam Chowk, as revealed by the renowned author and president of C.R.D. Patna Book Fair, Ratneshwar.

This year, the Patna Book Fair, active for 38 years, will be enriched with various programs. New attractions include a film festival, Sita Shakti, a gathering of famous poets, youth voice poets, and women leadership. Additionally, there will be special programs like New Book, Kahawat Ghar, Coffee House, Jan Samvad, Art Gallery, Street Play, etc., providing an opportunity to meet many eminent personalities from various fields in India. The Prabha Khetan Foundation will also organize a special column series program.

To inspire the youth this time, the Patna Book Fair has specially named its entrance, block, stage, etc., after women leadership. The main gate is named after Prabhavati Devi, Sharda Sinha Theater, Meera Kumar May Bua Art Gallery, Lieutenant Commander Shivangi Singh Stage, and Shreyasi Singh Administrative Building, aiming to connect today’s youth with these leaders for inspiration and motivation.

The Patna Book Fair this time will showcase documentary films and short films as part of the film festival. There will also be discussions on films with the participation of film personalities like Suman Kumar Sinha, Dr. Jaymangal Deo, Vinod Anupam, Sushil Kumar, Dr. Javed Akhtar Khan, Anant, Minati Chaklanabis, Rajesh Raj (filmmaker), Prashant Rajan, and Puj Prakash. Biographical films on personalities like Kisan Chachi, Yunus, Ahilyabai Holkar, Jhansi Ki Rani, Arunima Sinha, Kalpana Chawla, Deepika Kumar Godavari Datta, Kumkum, etc., will be screened. Short films include Signature, Kashmakash, The Day After Every Day, Ghar Ki Murghi, Devi, Niti Shastra, Vikalp, Baatein, The Purple Scarf, The Broken Table, Daughter, etc. The Cine Society is supporting this program.

Under the Famous Poet Youth Voice program, young poets and cultural enthusiasts from Patna will recite poems by renowned Indian poets. Poems by famous poets such as Nirala, Muktibodh, Shamsheer, Dinakar, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Mahadevi Verma, Trilochan Kedarnath Agrawal, Alok Dhanya, Arun Kamal, Faiz, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Jeevananand Das, Namdev Dhasal, Omprakash Valmiki, Anamika, Rajesh Joshi, Nagarjun, Kedarnath Singh, Gorakh Pandey will be recited. The reciters include Anish Ankur, Anil Anshuman, Gautam Nikhil Anand Giri, Vinod Kumar, Ajit Kumar, Sanjay Shandilya, Vinay Kumar Rajeev Rajjan Srivastava, Nivedita, Jay Prakash, Chandravind, Jyoti Sparsh, Natasha, and Achit Anand Parimal.”

“Under stri netritatva, prominent figures from the country, including Malini Avasthi, Mamta Kalia, Rupa Singh, Bhavna Shekhar, administrative service’s N Vijayalakshmi, Madhubala, Sharda Sinha, Mona Ia, Sharda Singh, RJ Anjali, RJ Barkha, RJ Deepshikha, administrative service Harjot Kaur, world-renowned player Shreyasi Singh, administrative officer Seema Tripathi, administrative officer vandana Preyasi, and others will participate.

Apart from these programs, there will be street plays. Various organizations like Sutradhar, Om, Atulya Art, Abhiyan, etc., will present street plays.

Renowned Indian authors, journalists, and scholars will have discussions with the country’s celebrated poet Ashok Vajpeyi. Professor Tarun Kumar will engage in a conversation under the Coffee House program. Similarly, under the Special Talk program, discussions will take place with Alok Dhanwa, a renowned poet and recipient of the Sahitya Academy award. The program will also feature conversations with different-day-discussed folk storyteller Ramdhari Singh Divakar, renowned journalist-author Vikas Kumar Jha, etc. Discussions about the language of stories and its characters will happen with popular storytellers Geetashri, Asha Prabhat, and Rashmi Sharma. In the New Book program, there will be a discussion about the new book by the renowned and popular poet Alok Dhanwa. Different-day-discussed new books will be discussed with authors like Jayanti Rangnathan, Tripurari Sharan, Vyas Ji, Sanjeev Paliwal, Vikas Kumar Jha, Shatakshi Anand.

The Poetry Summit this time will feature a special attraction, Neelotpal Mrinal. Along with this, prominent figures like Chandan Dwivedi Kumar Rajat, Aarti Alok Varma, etc., will be present. In the poetry session, there will be discussions with Mritunjay Prabhakar, Chandrabind, Arun Shitansh Balmukund, and Sumita Kumari Musafir.

This time, around a hundred publishers from India will join with their new and major books. These include Prabhat Prakashan, Rajkamal Prakashan, Vani Prakashan, Rajpal and Sons, Sahitya Akademi, Setu Prakashan, Prakashan Sansthan, Bharatiya Gyanpeeth, Samyak Prakashan, Geological Survey of India, Disha Publications, Oswal Books and Novelty Co., Coral Publishers, Puja Publications, Gautam Book Center, Upkar Prakashan, Drishti Publications, Thakur Publications, Janchetna Markaz, Islamic Publishers, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Osho, National Urdu Language Development Council, Census Office, among others.”

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