A Workshop on Badal Sircar’s Third Theatre by Dakhal Theatre Society, Patna Women’sCollege

On the 10 th of February, 2024, Dakhal Theatre Society, Patna Women’s College
(Autonomous) organised a workshop on ‘Badal Sircar’s Third Theatre’ at B.J. Sullivan Hall,
Patna Women’s College. Students were introduced to the concept of ‘Third Theatre’ through
a PPT presentation. The resource persons also conducted activities that enabled students to
imagine and trust themselves and others. After that, scenes were enacted from a well-known
play by Badal Sircar named ‘Indian History Made Easy’.

Third Theatre became a
revolutionary method beyond the boundaries of the Proscenium Stage as it didn’t need any
sets, costumes, or stage. The theatre was no longer limited to the elite and could be performed
with crowdfunding. Sircar used this form to awaken the masses about the issues related to
colonialism, casteism, ecological disasters, etc.

The Resource Persons of the Event were, Ms. Enakshi Dey Biswas, Coordinator, of
Performing Arts, Patna Women’s College (Autonomous), and Dr. Prabhat Jha, Assistant
Professor, Department of English, Patna Women’s College and Coordinator, Dakhal Theatre
Society, Patna Women’s College. Lowrin Azad, a student of MA Final Year, Department of
English hosted the event and Chanchal, a student of BA Second Year, Department of Mass
Communication gave the Vote of Thanks.

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