Cake Mixing Ceremony to Mark the Celebration of Christmas 2023 in Patna’s Merry Mingle Mood

Patna, December 18, 2023: Just like every year, this year too, a “Cake Mixing Ceremony” will be organized on the occasion of Christmas by Vijayatej Clarks. The mixing of the cake is a traditional way to celebrate the arrival of Christmas and the winter festivities. This information was shared by the hotel manager, Mr. Shankar Jha, during a press conference today. He mentioned that in the olden days, the mixture had more dry fruits than grains, which were soaked in wine for an extended period to preserve them.

On Christmas day, the mixture was taken out and used in various dishes, celebrating the birth festival of Jesus for a week. Similarly, at Vijayatej Clarks, managers, staff, and guests come together to celebrate this ceremony with enthusiasm. This event is scheduled to take place this year as well.

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He explained that in this mixing, cherries, dates, prunes, mixed dry fruits, dried figs, glace cherries, brown sugar, mixed spices, clusters of almonds, and many other ingredients are mixed together in the cake mix and soaked in the juice of fruits. “Cake mixing is an age-old tradition worldwide, and we were excited to host this cake mixing ceremony in Patna at Vijayatej Clarks because we prepare for the joyous festival season.”

He mentioned that this year, a grand event is also planned for New Year, where Patna residents can enjoy not only delicious food but also indulge in the delights from the bakery. Keeping in mind the welcoming of Christmas and New Year, a 25% discount is applicable on the sale of any cake with a minimum order of 2 pounds or more at the hotel’s bakery.

This offer is valid from December 24 to January 31. In addition to this, a gala dinner has been organized on New Year’s Eve with the minimum charge set at a reasonable rate. During this event, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy entertainment along with splendid dishes.

As the festive season unfolds, the Cake Mixing Ceremony and the New Year’s celebration at Vijayatej Clarks promise to bring joy and culinary delights to the people of Patna.
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