Chief Minister inaugurates Ganga Water Supply Scheme in Nawada, ensuring pure drinking water reaches every household

Ganga Water

Patna, December 15, 2023: , Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar unveiled and inaugurated the Ganga Water Supply Scheme in the village of Paura in Kadriganj, Nawada district. During the inauguration ceremony, the Chief Minister performed a puja (ritual worship) and extended wishes for the prosperity, peace, and well-being of the state, amidst Vedic chants.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister pressed the button to inaugurate the 36-million-liter Clear Water Pump House. He also inspected the water purification plant, learning about the components such as pre-settling tanks, cascaded aerators, flash mixers, clariflocculators, and filter units.

The Chief Minister participated in tree plantation at the water purification center. During this event, he felicitated officers and engineers for the successful implementation of the Ganga Water Supply Scheme. Chaitanya Prasad, Additional Chief Secretary of the Water Resources Department, welcomed the Chief Minister by presenting a symbolic memento.

A short film based on the Ganga Water Supply Scheme was presented to the Chief Minister during the program. Following the inauguration of the scheme, the Chief Minister personally consumed water from the Ganga, marking the commencement of delivering Ganga water as pure drinking water to every home in Nawada.

Now, Ganga water is being transported to the Jal-Shodhan (Water Purification) Plant in Nawada through a pipeline extending approximately 20 kilometers from the Rajgriha reservoir. From there, water will be supplied to every home in Nawada city through the efforts of the Urban Development and Housing Department. The purification plant in Paura, Nawada, has the capacity to purify 36 million liters of water per day.

A master underground reservoir (Donlat) has also been constructed, capable of storing 36 million liters of purified water. The system is designed to directly supply water from the master underground reservoir to four distribution houses in Paura through a network of pipelines. From these distribution houses, water will be sent to four water tanks through pumps. Each water tank has a capacity of approximately four lakh liters. Through these water tanks, water will be supplied to every home in Nawada city. This scheme ensures a daily supply of 135 liters (8-9 buckets) of purified Ganga water to each individual.

In addition to the water supply for domestic use, a separate electric substation has been constructed near the Jal-Shodhan Plant in Paura for the supply of electricity. With the initiation of this scheme, in addition to the people of Nawada city, hotels, guesthouses, educational institutions, etc., will also receive a supply of drinking water. This will reduce dependence on groundwater and gradually improve the water level. This environmentally friendly plan will contribute to better overall conditions.

During the event, Minister of Water Resources and Information & Public Relations, Shri Sanjay Kumar Jha, Industries Minister and Minister in charge of Nawada district, Shri Sameer Kumar Mahaseth, MLA Shri Prakash Veer, MLA Shrimati Neetu Kumari, MLA Shrimati Vibha Devi, MLA Shri Ashok Kumar, former MLA Shri Kaushal Yadav, former MLA Shri Pradeep Kumar, former Councilor Shri Salman Ragib, Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Dr. S. Siddharth, Additional Chief Secretary of the Water Resources Department, Shri Chaitanya Prasad, Principal Secretary of the Urban Development and Housing Department, Shri Santosh Kumar Mall, Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Shri Anupam Kumar, Magadh Region Commissioner, Shri Mayank Barabar, MD of Budhco, Shri Dharmendra Kumar, Magadh Region Police Inspector, Shri Kshatranil Singh, Nawada District Magistrate, Shri Ashutosh Kumar Verma, and Police Superintendent, Shri Amberish Rahul, along with other esteemed officials and engineers, were present.

After the inauguration of the Ganga Water Supply Scheme in Nawada, the Chief Minister proceeded to Motihari and inspected the Motihari Water Purification Plant. During his visit, the Chief Minister gathered detailed information about the arrangements at the water purification plant
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