Chief Minister offered Chadar at the tomb of Sufi saint Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Kamaluddin Ahmed Yahya Maneri on the occasion of his Urs

Patna, 22 February 2024: Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar today visited the tomb of the Sufi saint Hazrat Sultan-ul-Makhdoom Sayyiduna Shah Kamaluddin Ahmed Yahya Maneri on the occasion of his 755th Urs at the grand dargah located in Maner Sharif and offered prayers for the state’s peace, prosperity, harmony, and well-being.

Upon reaching Maner Sharif Khanqah, the Chief Minister met with the custodian of the Khanqah, Sayyid Shah Tarik Aynatullah Firdausi. On this occasion, the Chief Minister was presented with a cap and handkerchief as a gesture of welcome. Subsequently, the Chief Minister laid a chadar at the tomb of Hazrat Sultan-ul-Makhdoom Sayyiduna Makhdoom Shah Kamaluddin Ahmed Yahya Maneri and offered prayers.

Present at the occasion were former minister and MLA Mo. Jama Khan, councilor Mo. Khalid Anwar, Chairman of the Bihar State Shia Waqf Board Mo. Afzal Abbas, Special Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister’s Office Shri Gopal Singh, Special Secretary of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat Shri Chandrashekhar Singh, District Magistrate of Patna Shri Shirsat Kapil Ashok, Deputy Inspector General of Police Shri Rajiv Mishra, and other officials along with devotees who had come to attend the Urs celebrations
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