Deaths due to diabetes in India exceeded seven lakh

Patna, June 09: Every year, forty lakh people die from diabetes worldwide. In India alone, more than ten million people take diabetes medication daily. You might be surprised to know that in 2020 alone, the number of deaths due to diabetes in India exceeded seven lakh. This is why today India has become a hub for diabetes, hypertension, and high blood pressure. If this continues, the day is not far when three to four people in every household will be afflicted with diabetes. However, if you walk daily, you can avoid such diseases. Walking is a great remedy to protect you from these kinds of illnesses, so always incorporate walking into your life.

These words were spoken by renowned physician Dr. Diwakar Tejasvi while addressing hundreds of youth, women, and diabetes patients who attended the mega Baidyanath Madhuhari Diabetes Walk organized by Aastha Foundation. He praised the walk organized by Aastha Foundation, saying that the entire country would be influenced by this event and that it would send a message to society about the importance of walking. The event was organized at Gandhi Maidan, where participants walked two kilometers from Gandhi Maidan.

Renowned dietitian Chetan Kumar provided information about diet to the attendees. He advised that after walking, one’s diet should be such that it keeps them healthy. Famous cancer specialist Dr. Amrita Rakesh mentioned that diabetes has a deep connection with cancer. Hence, by walking, you can avoid diabetes and reduce the chances of getting cancer. The chairman of the foundation, Nikki Singh, said that Aastha Foundation organizes such events every year to spread the message about the importance of walking.

The program was attended by several doctors, including dietitians Shalini Raj, Riya, Sanjeev Karn, Nikunj Ji, and Chandrashekhar, along with senior officials from Piramal Foundation, Pradeep Ji, and Manish Kumar, among hundreds of other attendees. The event was supported by Baidyanath Madhumehari, Vastu Vihar, and Hindustan Petroleum. The greatest support came from Guruji, who dedicatedly prepared for the entire event over two months. The vote of thanks was delivered by Rajendra Bhai Saheb.
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