Executive Director and Bihar’s Regional Manager conducted visits to procurement centers.

Patna. Dr. Ajit Kumar Sinha, the Executive Director of the Indian Food Corporation headquartered in New Delhi, and Bihar’s Regional Manager Amit Bhushan visited procurement centers in Jagdishpur Pirou, Bihar, among other places in Bhojpur district, where farmers were promptly paid for their wheat within two hours of purchase, much to their delight. Many farmers couldn’t believe that payment could be made so quickly and expressed their gratitude to the Indian Food Corporation and its officials.

It is worth mentioning that on Monday, the Executive Director Dr. Ajit Kumar Sinha and Bihar’s Regional Manager Amit Bhushan inspected several wheat procurement centers in Jagdishpur Pirou, Bhojpur, and held discussions with farmers regarding wheat purchase. Wheat procurement and payment were completed within 2 hours to the farmers’ accounts in front of both officials. At the Bihiya center, the inauguration of the center was done by Dr. Ajit Kumar Sinha, Executive Director, by purchasing 18 quintals of wheat from Brij Mohan Singh. In Pirou, the procurement work was started by purchasing 44 quintals of wheat. Executive Director Ajit Kumar Sinha interacted with the farmers present at the procurement center.

During the conversation, farmers expressed satisfaction with the prompt payment by the Indian Food Corporation. Farmers also mentioned that the weight was measured accurately at 50 kg per sack, and payment was made without any deductions. Jagdishpur farmer Vivek Kumar Chaube said that he was harvesting wheat in his field when officers from FCI arrived and asked why he was selling wheat to businessmen rather than to them directly. He was surprised when officials immediately registered him and brought 146 quintals of wheat to the center, purchasing it and transferring more than Rs. 3.32 lakh into his account. Mr. Chaube said that if this arrangement continues, farmers will not sell their crops to businessmen under any circumstances. He praised the initiative of the Indian Food Corporation. Regional Manager of Bihar region, Amit Bhushan, said that this year, for the purchase of wheat, 150 wheat procurement centers have been opened by the Indian Food Corporation in Bihar, where wheat procurement has started. There is a provision for free registration of farmers on all centers, and farmers can register anywhere.

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