Facebook down ?????

Several users are facing login difficulties as both the app and website of a popular service are experiencing outages. Reports indicate that numerous individuals are being logged out involuntarily, with no apparent option to log back in. The root cause of this widespread disruption remains unconfirmed, leaving users frustrated and unable to access their accounts.

Complaints extend beyond mere logouts, with users encountering issues when attempting to reset their passwords or utilize two-factor authentication for login. The problem appears persistent, with users unable to regain access even after multiple login attempts. An anonymous user shared their experience, stating, “An Unknown Error Has Occurred” greets them each time they endeavor to log back in via the app.

The outage has prompted concern among affected individuals, who have voiced their grievances on an outage detection website. According to these reports, users find themselves abruptly logged out, subsequently unable to resume their sessions. As the service provider works to resolve the situation, affected users eagerly await a solution to restore normalcy to their online experiences.

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