Faculty Development Programme organized

A Six-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Seeking New Horizons : Moving Ahead
Towards Excellence” and “AI and New NAAC Manual” was organized by Apostolic Carmel
Generalate, Bengaluru, in collaboration with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Patna
Women’s College, Autonomous, Patna University for the teaching staff members from July 01,
2024 to July 06, 2024.

Today marked the last day of Faculty Development Programme which ended with the
recommendations and vote of thanks by Mr. Alok John, Dean, National, International
Collaborations and Consultancy Services, Patna Women’s College.
In these six days, all the teaching staff members were acquainted well with the use of Artificial
intelligence in the field of education and research and New NAAC Manual. The first two days
were very spiritual and focused on the virtues of an effective educator as well as highlighted

history of Mount Carmel and God consciousness. The rest four days were very informative as
they focused mainly on the wide uses of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in
academics and research work. Various uses of Artificial Intelligence in academics, research
paper writing, research paper reading, data analysis and interpretation, and Bloom’s taxonomy
were the key point features.

The teaching faculty was also briefed about the utilization of AI
tools such as ChatGPT 4, Copilot, AI Bard (Google Gemini), DALL-E and many such AI tools
and were also made aware of how to detect the use if AI tool in the work of students was used.
The changes and modifications in the New NAAC Manual was discussed in great detail. The
new accreditation process of NAAC which will be applicable from December 2024 was the main
highlight of the session.

The event was organized under the guidance of Dr. Sister M Rashmi A.C., Principal, Patna
Women’s College, Autonomous, Patna University. The two distinguished resource persons in
the event were Dr. Sister Pearl Ann A.C., Former Principal, Mount Carmel School, Bandra,
Mumbai and Former Provincial Counsellor, Apostolic Carmel, Western Province, Mumbai and
Dr. Sister M. Ancilla A.C., Counsellor for Education, Apostolic Carmel Generalate and Former
Principal, Providence Women’s College (Autonomous), Calicut, Kerala. The six-day event saw
the participation of around 160 teachers from the college.

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