Patna Women’s College Hosts Fire Safety Mock Drill to Promote Awareness

In a proactive measure to instill a culture of safety consciousness among its student body and staff, Patna Women’s College organized a Fire Safety Mock Drill on its sports ground today at 9 a.m. The event served as a crucial platform to educate participants about the significance of fire safety protocols and emergency preparedness.

The proceedings commenced with an enlightening address delivered by Assistant Professor Ashish Kumar from the Chemistry Department. Professor Kumar underscored the paramount importance of being vigilant and well-informed in managing unforeseen crises such as fires. His speech laid the groundwork for the subsequent activities, setting the tone for an informative and engaging session.

Notably, representatives from the Fire Department were in attendance, lending their expertise and guidance to the proceedings. Their presence further underscored the seriousness with which the college approached the issue of fire safety. Throughout the event, students and staff received detailed insights into fire safety protocols, including practical demonstrations of fire prevention techniques.

Officer Ajit Kumar from the Lodipur Fire Station also graced the occasion, offering valuable insights and reinforcing the importance of preparedness in mitigating fire-related risks. His presence added a tangible element of authenticity to the proceedings, resonating strongly with the attendees.

As the program drew to a close, Assistant Professor Ashish Kumar extended his gratitude to all participants for their active involvement. A lively question-and-answer session ensued, allowing attendees to seek clarification on various aspects of fire safety and emergency response strategies. The interactive nature of this segment facilitated deeper engagement and ensured that key takeaways were effectively communicated to all.

Overall, the Fire Safety Mock Drill received widespread appreciation from attendees, who commended the college’s proactive approach to promoting safety awareness. Many expressed their gratitude for the invaluable insights gained during the session and emphasized the importance of incorporating such initiatives into the regular curriculum.

By organizing events such as these, Patna Women’s College continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering a safe and secure learning environment for its students and staff. Moving forward, it is hoped that the lessons learned during the mock drill will empower individuals to remain vigilant and prepared in the face of potential emergencies, thereby enhancing the overall safety culture within the college community.
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