Patna Women’s College’s Research Cell conducted a Research Project Presentation

Patna Women’s College’s Research Cell successfully conducted a Research Project
Presentation from January 22nd to 25th, 2024, as part of the CPE Scheme by UGC. The event
encompassed participants from diverse fields such as Science, Humanities, Vocational,
Commerce, B.Ed, and Social Work. Held in two sessions daily, the initiative was overseen by
Dr. Bhavna Sinha, Chief Research Coordinator and Head of the Department of Computer
Applications (MCA). A total of 84 groups showcased their research through compelling
PowerPoint presentations, aligning with the UGC’s CPE Scheme.

The participating students underwent evaluation by a distinguished panel of four judges.
Topics explored were wide-ranging, including finance, business, advertising, nutritional
composition, antibiotics, drone mapping, mathematical analysis on smoking, astrology on
social media, decoding desire, digital currency, socio-spatial analysis, historical development
of transgender, smart parking systems, agricultural monitoring, and adoption policy in India,
among others.

This enlightening program not only showcased the vibrant research ideas of young minds but
also fostered an environment of exploration and innovation within the academic community.
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