PM Modi Will Face Severe Defeat -Pappu Yadav

Pappu Yadav: PM Modi Will Face Severe Defeat, Rahul Gandhi Will Win by Over 400,000 Votes

Pappu Yadav Supports Hina, Misa, and Rohini; Says – Our Workers Will Support Congress, CPI(ML), CPI, and CPM

Pappu Yadav Calls Smriti Irani the ‘Queen of Arrogance’, Says Her Defeat in Amethi is Certain

Patna, May 19, 2024: Former MP Rajesh Ranjan, also known as Pappu Yadav, stated in a press conference in Patna today that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NDA are set for a severe defeat in this Lok Sabha election. There is no wave for them among the people this time. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi will win the election by over 400,000 votes and will be the strongest contender for the Prime Minister’s position. He said that Rae Bareli has always given the country a Prime Minister.

Pappu Yadav mentioned that he has toured several villages in Rae Bareli and Amethi recently, and based on his travel experiences, he asserts that the people of the country have rejected Modi. He likened Modi to a chameleon who changes colors and criticized him for his lack of steadfast beliefs. He remarked that just as Hanuman defeated Modi in Karnataka, similarly, Ram will defeat him this time in the country. He added that there is no trust left in Modi and unless he comes up with some new trick, his defeat is certain. Without naming Smriti Irani directly, he referred to her as the ‘queen of arrogance’ and stated that her fight is against the common people, which will lead to her defeat.

Additionally, Pappu Yadav announced that in the remaining phases of the Lok Sabha elections, he and his associates will support Hina Sahab in Siwan, Misa Bharti in Pataliputra, Anshul Abhijeet in Patna Sahib, Rohini Acharya in Saran, Anil Chaudhary in Buxar, and Munilal in Jehanabad as per the consensus. He also expressed support for the candidates of Congress, CPI(ML), CPI, and CPM, which would strengthen the India Bloc. However, he criticized RJD candidates for not being in touch with the common people.

Supporting Hina Sahab, the wife of the late Shahabuddin, Pappu Yadav remarked that the circumstances of Shahabuddin’s death were suspicious and justice was not served. He subtly criticized RJD, stating that even their own did not fight for justice. He recalled that Shahabuddin was the first person who did not even receive a proper burial. Therefore, he urged the people of Siwan to vote for Hina Sahab. All leaders from Siwan and Bihar would rally for justice for Shahabuddin. He assured that if needed, he would also go to Siwan. Pappu Yadav emphasized that his decision to support Shahabuddin’s family is personal and he would stand by them as long as he is alive. The victory of Hina Sahab signifies a win for the India camp.
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