Shubhi Sharma becomes the brand ambassador for ‘Nari Pushpa,’


Leading company in the field of Ayurvedic products, Narayan Ayurveda, has appointed Bollywood actress Shubhi Sharma as its brand ambassador today. Shubhi Sharma will be the brand ambassador for Narayan Ayurveda’s new product line ‘Nari Pushpa.’

Anil Singh, the Managing Director of Narayan Ayurveda, stated, “We are delighted to have Shubhi Sharma as the brand ambassador for Narayan Ayurveda. Shubhi Sharma is a talented actress, and she perfectly embodies the values of Narayan Ayurveda with her personality and image. We believe that Shubhi Sharma will assist in making the new product line ‘Nari Pushpa’ popular among women.”

Shubhi Sharma expressed her happiness, saying, “I am thrilled to be the brand ambassador for Narayan Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient and effective medical system, and I want to play my role in promoting and spreading awareness about Ayurveda. I am confident that Narayan Ayurveda’s new product line ‘Nari Pushpa’ will contribute to enhancing the health and beauty of women.”

Nari Pushpa is an Ayurvedic product range designed for the health and beauty of women. The product line includes various items such as herbal tonic, medicinal oil, Aloe Vera juice, etc.

Narayan Ayurveda is a leading company in India for Ayurvedic products. The company has been working in the field of Ayurvedic products for the past 10 years, and its products are well-received not only in India but also in foreign markets
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