Two day lecture series on News Gathering Techniques in media

Department of Mass Communication
Patna Women’s College

Date:5.03.24 and 06.3.24
On Tuesday and Wednesday, The Department of Mass Communication organised a two day
lecture series on ‘News Gathering Techniques in Media scheduled for 5.03.24 and 6.03.24.
On first day of the lecture series the resource person was Mr. Vijay Swaroop, Chief of
Bureau, Hindustan Times,Patna.

The lecture began with a welcome address by Ms. Roma,
Head, Department of Mass. She introduced the guest speaker among the audience.He
discussed about writing styles in print media and also about news gathering techniques. He
shared ways to be followed while doing ground reporting and asked the students to follow
some crucial steps to write any news story which includes 5W &1H , quotes required ,which
increase the authenticity of any news story.

He also discussed about Data journalism nowadays and focused on importance of data.He
said, “Reporting is fun and it’s about acquiring knowledge”. He also talked about the future
of print media in India and said it is going to strongly stand in upcoming days.
He shared his experiences and challenges he faced during his initial stage of working in print
media. He suggested students to read newspaper daily and to practice on their writing as well
as speaking skills; He then answered the questions asked by students and faculty members of
mass communication department.
The session was winded up with the vote of thanks delivered by Gaurav Aranya, assistant
professor,mass communication department.

On Wednesday the lecture was conducted in two sessions,the resource person for the first
session was Mr. Rajnish, Bureau chief, Zee News Bihar- Jharkhand and for the second
session the resource person was Alisha Singh, Digital Content Creator.

The first session was conducted in first half in which Mr. Rajnish Kumar discussed about
news gathering techniques and categories such as soft,hard, natural calamities, crime etc. and
explained about the basic requirements while framing any news story. He further discussed
about time management which is very crucial for field reporting, scripting or preparing any
story. He also talked about the challenges which may occur while covering any particular
story and asked students not to take it as a barrier instead tackle it and learn from it for future.
He also discussed about PTC(Piece to camera) and how different types of PTC such as
Introduction PTC ,Bridge PTC, and Ending PTC, are used to fill the gap between stories
when enough visuals are not available. He shared some of his experiences and sited that

being ethical is very important while covering any story. Speaking about video editing he also
mentioned types of editing, linear and nonlinear. He explained the role of video journalist
while covering any news story and also the kind of alertness which is required for a camera
person while handling camera. He also explained how the camera or OB Van (Outside
Broadcast Van) has evolved. He suggested students to read newspaper and try to learn
something new everyday. Question answer session was conducted in the end and the session
got winded with vote of thanks, delivered by Ms. Ankita, Assistant Professor , Mass
Communication Department.

Second session was conducted in second half in which the guest speaker was Alisha Singh,
Digital Content Creator, and alumna of Patna Women’s College. She talked about her journey
of being content creator and discussed about the job profiles Content Creation world holds
such as Content writer, Campaign manager etc. She informed about the sources through
which Content Creators earn which includes Advertisement, Podcasts, Collaborations,
Merchandising etc. She suggested students to work on their communication skills if they wish
to be a content creator and also to generate skills through which they can show creative
differences. She discussed about short and long contents which includes Instagram reels,
YouTube shorts and videos, Blogs etc. She then answered the doubts students had and made it
a very interactive session. One student from semester6, semester 4 , semester 2 and PG gave
feedback and winded up the session.
All the faculty members and students of mass communication department were part of the
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