The Vigyan Utsav 2024 commenced with the inaugural ceremony on 29 th February 2024. Dr.
Rekha Kumari, the Director of the Department of Higher Education, Bihar graced the event as
the chief guest. She lauded the students for their innovative concepts and creative culinary
endeavors. The event was organized under the leadership of Principal Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C.,
Principal, Patna Women’s College; Dean, Science, Dr. Aprajita Krishna; convener Dr. Shobha
Shrivastava; Co- convener Dr. Madhu Rani Sinha and Dr. Pinki Prasad.

Pak Siddhi Cooking Competition was conducted on February 28th, under the theme “Eat Healthy

  • Live Young.” Aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and zero-oil food, the competition saw
    participation from 25 groups comprising students from prestigious institutions like Patna
    Women’s College, Magadh Mahila College, and B.N. College.
  • These groups showcased their
    culinary skills by preparing diverse dishes incorporating ingredients like Moong dal, Ragi,
    Fruits, Chia seeds, among others. The panel of judges, including Dr. Amrita Choudhary, Dr. Soofia Fatima, and Dr. Shazia Husain, evaluated the creations. The entire event was co- ordinated by Dr. Kavita Verma.
  • EVENT 2

  • Simultaneously, the Department of Mathematics organized a Logo Designing Competition
    themed “VIKSIT BHARAT @ 2047-INNOVATE INDIA.” Held on the same day at 12:00 pm,
    the event attracted participation from thirty groups representing various departments of Patna

  • Women’s College and other colleges in Patna. Mr. Gautam Saurabh, Mr. Praveen Kumar, and
    Ms. Divya Gautam served as judges for the competition. Dr. Ravi Kumar, the Head of the
    Department of Mathematics, inaugurated the event, emphasizing the importance of innovation in
    shaping India’s future.
    Different groups from colleges like Magadh Mahila College, PU; Maulana Azad College of
    Engineering and Technology; BN College, PU; Ganga Devi Mahila College, PPU; Patna Science
    College, PU; Bihar Engineering College, PU and AN College, PPU participated in the events.
    The collective efforts of students, faculty members, and organizers from both events exemplified
    the spirit of innovation and intellectual prowess, contributing to the ethos of Vigyan Utsav 2024.
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