Voter pledge and Reel Making competition

The NSS unit Patna Women’s College conducted the Voter pledge and Reel Making competition
on the theme of “Every Vote Counts” under the ongoing National Electoral Awareness campaign

from 23rd Feb 24 to 3rd March 24. Under the event A total of 11 entries were presented, each
offering unique perspectives on the theme “Every Vote Counts.” Participants showcased their
creativity and passion for promoting civic engagement. After this, Dr. Shahla Rehana ma’am,
Associate professor, Department of English and NSS programme officer provided insightful
feedback, emphasizing the importance of conveying impactful messages through the reels and
she also underscored the significance of voter ID cards and casting votes. Dr. Amrita, Assistant
Professor, Department of Physics and NSS programme officer announced the results. The first
prize was awarded to Shristi Tripathi and Riya Kumari.

The second prize was bestowed upon
Shalini Singh, while the third prize was presented to Nandini kumari for their outstanding
performance in reel making competition. The event was coordinated by Nandani Kumari, Stuti,
Shambhavi Shree , Nancy and Tanishka. A total of 120 volunteers took the Voter pledge also in
the event. The event was conducted for creating awareness about the importance of voting for
executing democracy in the country.
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