A musical extravaganza to mark 105th birth anniversary of Pandit Siyaram Tewari

The 105th birth anniversary celebration of Pandit Siyaram Tewari featured a musical extravaganza at Patna College of Arts and Crafts on Saturday, March 30th.

The event was organized under the banner of Pandit Siyaram Tewari Memorial Music Festival, with the support of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. On this special occasion, the focus remained on classical music, including vocal, instrumental, and dance performances.

Dr. Sumit Anand Pandey, a renowned exponent of the Darbhanga Gharana tradition of classical singing, mesmerized the audience with his rendition of classical compositions, accompanied by the stellar performance of Kolkata-based artist Pandit Path Bose on the sitar. The evening concluded with Dr. Sumit Anand Pandey’s soulful rendition of Ragas in different musical forms, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Following this, Pandit Path Bose, a maestro from Kolkata, graced the stage with his performance, showcasing various shades of classical music, especially the evening raga, Sham-Kalyan. His mastery over the sitar, combined with his expertise in vocalization and improvisation, captivated the audience and earned him accolades.

The event concluded with a spectacular dance performance by Vaatsalya Fanney from Varanasi, adding a vibrant touch to the cultural extravaganza. The event received widespread appreciation, not only from renowned artists but also from the local talents of the city.

The Patna College of Arts and Crafts witnessed a wave of musical enthusiasm, celebrating the rich heritage of Indian classical music and extending gratitude to the organizers, especially Dr. Sumit Anand Pandey, for their tireless efforts in making the Pandit Siyaram Tewari Memorial Music Festival a grand success.

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