“Bharat Rang Mahotsav”organized by NSD presented by “Rangam” @Patna

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the “Bharat Rang Mahotsav” organized by the National School of Drama, a public theatre program called ‘Jan Bharat Rang’ was held in Patna

by the theater institution Rangam near the statue of Gandhi at Gandhi Maidan at 4 p.m. The play presented was titled ” Lo aayee wapas sone ki chidiya” written by Lalit Prakash and conceptualized and directed by theater guru Santosh Kumar.

The play was based on the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, conveying the message of how we can progress as a nation only when we transcend differences of caste, class, and wealth and live together harmoniously. It emphasized that the development and strength of our country depend on our unity, and only then can we reclaim the title of the ‘Golden Sparrows’. Additionally, it showed how the theater plays a significant role in shaping society, addressing prevalent issues such as discrimination, female empowerment, the importance of education, child marriage, etc., and raising awareness among people through positive messages conveyed in the play.

The artists beautifully depicted various aspects, including coping with pandemics like COVID-19 and the spirit of the Jiyo 20 Conference, through the medium of theater.

As per the directives of the National School of Drama, the live performance of this play was also streamed on Rangam’s Facebook page,

and the link and photos were shared on the portal of the National School of Drama, New Delhi, so that people across the country could witness it.

The playwright of this play was Lalit Prakash, and it was conceptualized, directed, and guided by Santosh Kumar.

All the artists compelled the audience to applaud through their dialogues and songs. The main roles were played by Pratiksha Anand, Shreya Sachdeva, Niyati Kashyap, Nihal Kumar Datta, Shivam Kumar, Vivek Kumar, Chandan Kumar, Asif Anwar, Deepak Dubey, Anshu Kumar, and others who were supporting behind the scenes included Aditya Sharma, Kunal Satyan, Rahul Kumar Sinha, Pinku Raj, Raju Kumar, etc

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