Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Resigns, Paving the Way for BJP-led NDA Government Formation

Date: January 28, 2024

Bihar’s outgoing Chief Minister and JD(U) President Nitish Kumar stated, “…this situation arose because everything was not going well… I was seeking opinions from everyone. I listened to all of them. Today, we have resigned and concluded the government.

In a dramatic turn of events, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has tendered his resignation, signaling an imminent return to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The political landscape in Bihar is set for a significant shift, with sources indicating that a new government, backed by the BJP, is expected to be sworn in later today. The resignation comes amid speculations and heightened political activities, pointing towards a realignment of alliances in the state.

Nitish Kumar’s Resignation: A Political Turning Point

In a surprising move that has sent shockwaves across the political spectrum, Nitish Kumar, the president of the Janata Dal (United), resigned from his position as the Chief Minister of Bihar. The decision comes on the heels of intense speculation about the realignment of political alliances in the state.

Governor Rajendra V Arlekar is set to address the media shortly, where he is expected to formally accept Nitish Kumar’s resignation. The development has set the stage for the formation of a new government with the BJP’s support, marking a significant departure from the Mahagathbandhan that had brought together the Janata Dal (United), Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), and Congress.

Mahagathbandhan Dissolution and BJP’s Growing Influence

The Mahagathbandhan, formed in 2015, had seen Nitish Kumar joining hands with his erstwhile rival Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD and the Congress to secure a resounding victory in the Bihar Assembly elections. However, internal rifts and ideological differences within the alliance had been surfacing in recent months, leading to speculation about its stability.

With Nitish Kumar’s resignation, the Mahagathbandhan government collapses, paving the way for the BJP to assume a more prominent role in Bihar politics. The BJP’s growing influence in the state has been evident in recent electoral successes and the successful consolidation of support across various sections of society.

Formation of the New Government

Sources close to the developments suggest that the formation of the new government, supported by the BJP, is expected to take place later today. The swearing-in ceremony is anticipated to happen in the presence of BJP Chief JP Nadda, who is scheduled to reach Patna at 3 pm.

The BJP’s active involvement in the government formation process underscores the party’s strategic approach to expanding its footprint in Bihar. The shift in alliances is likely to have far-reaching consequences, not only for the political dynamics within the state but also on the national stage.

JP Nadda’s Arrival: Symbol of BJP’s Commitment

The arrival of BJP Chief JP Nadda in Patna is seen as a crucial development, emphasizing the party’s commitment to the formation of the new government. Nadda’s presence is expected to signal the BJP’s active role in shaping the political landscape of Bihar, aligning with its broader strategy for the upcoming state and national elections.

Political analysts are closely watching Nadda’s interactions and statements during his visit, as they are likely to provide insights into the BJP’s vision for Bihar and its role in the changing political scenario.

Reactions and Speculations

As news of Nitish Kumar’s resignation spread, political leaders and citizens alike are expressing varied reactions. While supporters of the Mahagathbandhan express disappointment over the dissolution of the coalition, BJP supporters are optimistic about the party’s increased role in governance.

The resignation has also triggered speculation about the nature of the new government, with questions arising about the potential distribution of ministerial portfolios between the BJP and any potential allies. The political dynamics within the BJP-led NDA will be closely observed in the coming days, as alliances and power-sharing agreements take shape.

National Ramifications: BJP’s Consolidation

The developments in Bihar are not limited to the state alone. The BJP’s consolidation of power in Bihar is expected to have national ramifications, influencing the party’s standing in the run-up to the upcoming general elections. The party’s success in expanding its base in Bihar will be closely watched by political analysts, as it may set the tone for the BJP’s strategy in other states.

The changing political equations in Bihar also raise questions about the stability of alliances and the potential for realignment in other states. The BJP’s ability to navigate these political waters successfully will likely shape its narrative as a national political force.

Conclusion: A Watershed Moment in Bihar Politics

As Bihar stands on the cusp of a new political era, Nitish Kumar’s resignation and the imminent formation of a BJP-backed government mark a watershed moment in the state’s political landscape. The realignment of alliances, the dissolution of the Mahagathbandhan, and the BJP’s growing influence are all indicative of a dynamic and ever-changing political scenario.

As the day progresses, all eyes will be on Patna, where the swearing-in ceremony is expected to take place. The political discourse in Bihar and beyond is set to be dominated by discussions on the implications of these developments, both in the short term and as they unfold on the national stage.
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