BJP and Government Criticize Mimicry of Vice President jagdeep dhankhar / Giriraj Singh also took to Twitter to condemn the incident.

In a recent incident outside the Parliament, Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Kalyan Banerjee sparked controversy by mimicking and mocking the Rajya Sabha Chairman jagdeep dhankhar. The act did not go unnoticed, and it has drawn sharp criticism from the Vice President himself, who deemed it embarrassing and unacceptable.

The incident unfolded amidst the ongoing chaos in the Parliament, with more than 100 MPs being suspended in the last two days for disruptive behavior. In light of this, opposition MPs staged a protest outside the Parliament building on Tuesday. It was during this protest that Kalyan Banerjee, a TMC MP, chose to mimic Rajya Sabha Chairman jagdeep dhankhar

Vice President jagdeep dhankhar, reacting to the incident, expressed his dismay, calling it both humorous and unacceptable. He lamented the fact that a Member of Parliament was making a mockery of the proceedings, while another MP was recording the incident on video.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Giriraj Singh also took to Twitter to condemn the incident. He expressed his disapproval of the disrespect shown towards Vice President jagdeep dhankhar under the direction of Rahul Gandhi. Singh emphasized that such behavior is intolerable, and the nation will surely respond. He also hinted at the possibility that those who are currently using cameras for such antics might soon hide their faces behind those very cameras.

The mimicry incident has added another layer to the ongoing parliamentary disruptions, with political leaders condemning the act as disrespectful and inappropriate. It remains to be seen how the political landscape evolves in the aftermath of this incident and whether it will have repercussions on the conduct of parliamentary sessions in the future.
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