Chief Minister inspects under-construction Bapu Tower, directs expedited completion of construction

Patna, February 4, 2024: Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar inspected the under-construction Bapu Tower in Gardnibagh. The Chief Minister assessed the progress of construction by visiting the fifth, third, and first floors of Bapu Tower. During the inspection, Kumar Ravi, the Secretary of the Building Construction Department, provided detailed information to the Chief Minister regarding the construction work and informed him that the construction is proceeding rapidly with the finishing touches being applied.

While inspecting, the Chief Minister took information about the exhibition hall, waiting room, lounge, and other facilities such as the auditorium, research center, guest facilities, orientation hall, and other structures planned to establish Bapu’s ideals in the public.

During the inspection, the Chief Minister instructed the Secretary of the Building Construction Department to ensure the speedy completion of Bapu Tower’s construction. He emphasized that the construction should be completed as soon as possible so that the life, thoughts, and ideals of Bapu can be showcased to the new generation. The historical events related to Bapu’s life, his philosophy, his role in the freedom struggle, his connection with Bihar, and his ideals should be highlighted in a better way so that the public can come here, see, and understand.

He mentioned that the surroundings should remain a green area, and the premises should appear better and organized. When Bapu Tower is ready, it will present a beautiful view, and people can come here to gather information about Bapu. He has visited the construction site several times and has been providing suggestions. He expressed his desire for the swift completion of Bapu Tower’s construction, without any further delay.

During the inspection, Chief Minister’s Secretary Shri Anupam Kumar, Building Construction Department Secretary Shri Kumar Ravi, Special Secretary of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh, District Magistrate of Patna Shri Sheersh Kapil Ashok, Senior Police Superintendent of Patna Shri Rajiv Mishra, along with other officials and engineers, were present

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