Joyful Christmas Celebration at Patna Women’s College Unveils the Spirit of Giving and Harmony

In a jubilant celebration of Christmas, Patna Women’s College echoed with festive cheer on December 20, 2023, as the Veronica Auditorium played host to a myriad of enchanting performances, beginning at 10:30 A.M. The festivities kicked off with a captivating devotional opening dance that set a positive and festive tone for the entire event.

Following the mesmerizing dance, a group of talented students took the stage to deliver a harmonious English Carol, filling the auditorium with the soul-soothing melodies of the season. The program continued with a thought-provoking skit shedding light on the timeless teachings of Saint Nicholas and the heartwarming tale of “The 13th Cookie.” The skit beautifully illustrated the joy of giving and the importance of living together in unity and harmony.

Adding a cultural flair to the celebration, students enthralled the audience with a scintillating Tribal Dance, showcasing the diversity of talent at Patna Women’s College. The visual storytelling continued with the screening of a poignant video depicting the nativity and the birth of Jesus Christ, reminding everyone of the true essence of Christmas.

Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C., the esteemed Principal of Patna Women’s College, graced the occasion with her presence and addressed the students. In her inspiring speech, she emphasized the significance of Christmas and delved into the paramount reason behind the birth of Jesus Christ. Her words resonated with the audience, echoing the values of love, compassion, and togetherness that define the festive season.

The entire event flowed seamlessly under the adept moderation of Amrita Gupta, Mariyum Fatima, Jhanvi Sinha, and Siddhi Arya, who ensured that the spirit of Christmas permeated every moment. Expressing gratitude for the joyful celebration, the Vote of Thanks was eloquently delivered by Akanksha, the Joint Cultural Secretary of the Student Council for the academic year 2023-24 at Patna Women’s College.

The success of the event was a testament to the meticulous guidance provided by Sister Nelsa A.C., Assistant Professor in the Department of English. Alongside her, the Cultural Coordinators played a pivotal role in orchestrating the festivities. Dr. Sister Celine Crasta A.C., Head of the Department of History; Ms. Enakshi Dey Biswas, Coordinator of Performing Arts; and Ms. Puja Kumari, Assistant Professor in the Department of Commerce, worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless and culturally rich celebration.

The dedicated mentors for the event included Dr. Tauseef, Head of the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies; Ms. Runa, Assistant Professor in the same department; and Ms. Taniya Banerjee, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. Their guidance and support were instrumental in nurturing the talents of the participating students and ensuring the event’s success.

As the curtains fell on the Christmas celebration at Patna Women’s College, the echoes of laughter, joy, and the spirit of giving lingered in the air. The event not only brought the college community together but also served as a reminder of the values that define the festive season — love, compassion, and the joy of spreading happiness to one and all. The memories created during this festive gathering will undoubtedly be cherished by the Patna Women’s College community for years to come.
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