Happy Hours Celebrates 3 Years of Success with a Grand Anniversary Bash

In a dazzling celebration of its third successful year, Happy Hours, the beloved family restaurant in Patna, recently hosted a glamorous party for its loyal customers. The festivities were not just a jubilant reflection of the restaurant’s thriving business, but also a poignant moment for its owner, Brajesh Kumar, who fondly recounted his journey from the bustling streets of Bangalore to the heart of his hometown.

Brajesh Kumar’s story is one of resilience, passion, and a deep connection to family values. After completing his diploma in engineering with a specialization in electronics and communication at MS Ramaiah Polytechnic in Bangalore, Brajesh embarked on a career that would take him to various corners of the globe. His professional journey began with a stint at a leading telecom multinational corporation known as GTL, where he contributed his expertise to projects in both Bangalore and Nepal.



Despite the global success and recognition he attained during his tenure at GTL, Brajesh’s heart remained tied to his roots. In 2020, fueled by a desire to be close to his aging parents and a vision to bring something special to his hometown, he took a leap of faith and decided to start his own venture. Thus, Happy Hours, a family restaurant, was born in the heart of Patna.


The restaurant, nestled in the vibrant cityscape of Patna, quickly became a local favorite, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere paired with delectable culinary creations. Brajesh Kumar’s commitment to quality and his roots shone through in every aspect of Happy Hours – from the carefully crafted menu to the personalized service that has become a hallmark of the establishment.

As Happy Hours marked its third anniversary, Brajesh Kumar reflected on the challenges and triumphs that defined the journey. Leaving a stable job to pursue his entrepreneurial dream was undoubtedly a daunting decision, but Brajesh’s unwavering dedication and hard work turned the venture into a thriving success. The restaurant not only filled a void in the local culinary scene but also became a symbol of community and togetherness.

The anniversary celebration, held at the restaurant, was a testament to the close-knit relationship Happy Hours has cultivated with its patrons. Guests were treated to an evening of live music, exquisite cuisine, and a warm ambiance that reflected the essence of the establishment. Brajesh expressed his gratitude to the loyal customers who have been an integral part of Happy Hours’ success, acknowledging their role in shaping the restaurant into what it is today.

Looking ahead, Brajesh Kumar envisions further growth and expansion for Happy Hours. He spoke passionately about introducing new culinary delights, enhancing the overall dining experience, and potentially exploring opportunities to bring the Happy Hours experience to new locations.As the celebration came to a close, patrons left with smiles on their faces and a sense of pride in being a part of Happy Hours’ journey. Brajesh Kumar’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding them that with determination, a commitment to quality, and a genuine connection to one’s roots, success is not only achievable but also deeply rewarding.

In the heart of Patna, Happy Hours continues to thrive, embodying the spirit of family, community, and the pursuit of dreams. Cheers to three years of success, and here’s to many more!

The journey through the years……

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