new turn in political dynamics after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar met with JDU’s National President Lalan Singh

The Janata Dal United (JDU), led by Nitish Kumar, has intensified the political heat in Bihar by raising the issue of removing Lalan Singh from the position of National President. On Saturday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar met with JDU’s National President Lalan Singh, who is currently under discussion for removal from his post. During the meeting, Nitish Kumar held discussions with Lalan Singh for about 10 minutes, addressing various issues.

News is emerging about the upcoming meeting of JDU’s National Executive and National Council scheduled for December 29 in Delhi, where discussions will take place regarding the removal of Lalan Singh and the possibility of appointing a new leader as the National President. The meeting with Lalan Singh has become even more crucial against the backdrop of this issue.

According to sources, during the meeting, Nitish Kumar discussed Lalan Singh’s difficulties and internal disputes within the party. Especially at this time, despite various opposition challenges within the JDU, efforts have been made to maintain unity within the party.

Political circles in Bihar are actively discussing whether this meeting can resolve internal conflicts within the JDU and prove to be an effective step in keeping the party united.

Despite the controversy surrounding the discussion to remove Lalan Singh, Nitish Kumar has clarified that his meeting was held in coordination with legislators and party workers, and decisions will be made in the interest of the party. Nevertheless, this meeting has revealed new challenges in Bihar’s political landscape and indicated a new turn in political dynamics
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