Progress of the country will come through education-Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, Chairman of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, stated that the progress of the country will come through education.

He said that those nations have always waved the flag of success who have adorned their generations with the jewels of education. In this country, the minority community can increase their stature as compared to the majority community only when they encourage their children to advance in various fields of education. These thoughts were expressed by the world-renowned religious scholar Hazrat Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, the Chairman of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, at West Point School.

Addressing a large number of scholars, Imams, and intellectuals at the ‘Education and Our Responsibility’ program in Samanpura Rajabazar, Patna, Maulana Rahmani said that Islam has encouraged all knowledge that benefits humanity.

Just as society needs good lawyers, scientists, doctors, engineers, and other specialists, it also needs Muftis and Hafizs. Similarly, there is a need to educate women not only in medical science but also in other sciences. The Maulana congratulated the school on its efforts to promote education for both boys and girls.

Director Syed Shamayel Ahmad of the National President Private Schools and Children Welfare Association presented a shawl to Maulana Rahmani as a gesture of welcome.

Maulana Abdul Basit, Maulana Muhammad Abbas Qasmi, Maulana Abdul Majid Qasmi, Darul Uloom Sabiel al-Falah, and Maulana Mujaffar Ahsan Rahmani, in charge of Bihar affairs of Hazrat Maulana, were honored with mementos.

On this occasion, the National President of the Council of Islamic Research Center, Syed Shahjahan Ahmad, and Mohammad Sabir, Director of Holy Vision Public School, also emphasized special attention to the education of girls in today’s era.

The program was concluded with thanks, expressed by the Principal of West Point School, Fauzia Khan, thanking all the guests who attended
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