The jersey of Bhojpuri Dabang launched for Celebrity Cricket League (CCL)


The jersey of Bhojpuri Dabang was launched in Varanasi for the 10th season of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). On this occasion, along with the captain of Bhojpuri Dabang, Manoj Tiwari (MP, singer, and actor), superstar and singer Khesari Lal Yadav, brand ambassador of Bhojpuri Dabang Akshara Singh, and Pankhi Hegde, honorary directors Kanishk Sheel, Sushil Sharma, and Vikas Singh were present. It should be noted that this time the team of Bhojpuri Dabang will be seen with a new style and a new franchise, Bharat Raisin, which has made its mark in the rapidly growing Indian sports and entertainment industry. Therefore, this time the jersey of Bhojpuri Dabang bears the mark of Bharat Raisin.

Regarding this, on the occasion, the captain of Bhojpuri Dabang, Manoj Tiwari (MP, singer, and actor), said that the 10th season of CCL is going to be special for Bhojpuri Dabang. It has already started, and in this series, a new jersey has also arrived, which will boost the morale of our team. I hope that with the new franchise this time, we will establish a new record in CCL. We are grateful to Bharat Raisin for being our companion on this journey. Actor Khesari Lal Yadav congratulated the team of Bhojpuri Dabang on this occasion and wished them well. He said that our team will play this season with full preparation. We express our gratitude to Bharat Raisin, whose support our team has received this time, and this encourages all of us. Our wish is that we will live up to their expectations.

Meanwhile, Pankhi Hegde said that in collaboration with Bharat Raisin, Bhojpuri Dabang will enter the field this time in CCL to capture the trophy. For this, our players are sweating it out on the field. Akshara Singh said that Bhojpuri Dabang has shown excellent performance in CCL year after year. This time, there will be a determined effort to win the trophy, and for that, we will enter the field with determination. Bhojpuri Dabang has the strength, and Bharat Raisin will work to make its enthusiasm ironclad. This is a great opportunity for both Bhojpuri Dabang and Bharat Raisin.

It is known that in CCL 10, there is coordination with Bharat Raisin this time along with Bhojpuri Dabang, where Bharat Raisin has made its mark in the field of sports and entertainment industry, while Bhojpuri Dabang has got a strong franchise in the form of Bharat Raisin, whose honorary directors are Kanishk Sheel, Sushil Sharma, Sushil Malik, and Rahul Mishra, who have congratulated the team on the launch of the jersey.

Bharat Raisin is not just a name that maintains a strong foundation in various sectors of sports and entertainment; it also has a commitment to provide excellence in its brand value. Bharat Raisin believes in advancing talents and creating extraordinary experiences. Its journey begins with adrenaline and creativity, where our goal is to captivate hearts and leave a lasting impact. Our portfolio includes sports management, talent management, and event management services, which demonstrate our commitment to multidimensional talent and excellence. About CCL, CCL is a cricket league that brings together eight teams representing eight different film industries of the country
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