Notorious Criminal Arrested with 4 Accomplices; Bihar Police Foils Jewelry Heist Plan

Patna, July 8, 2024 – In a significant crackdown on organized crime, Bihar Police, in a coordinated effort with the Special Task Force (STF), Sahrsa, Begusarai, and Samastipur police, apprehended five criminals, including a highly sought-after fugitive with a bounty of INR 2 lakh on his head. The arrest took place in the Sadar police station area of Saharsa district, effectively thwarting a planned heist on a local jewelry shop.

Foiled Robbery and Seizure of Weapons

Acting on a tip-off, the combined police forces moved swiftly to intercept and arrest the gang, who were in the final stages of preparing for a major robbery at a jewelry shop in Saharsa. The quick and decisive action by the police led to the capture of the five criminals and the seizure of a substantial cache of weapons, including five pistols and 20 rounds of ammunition.

Details of the Arrest

Among those arrested was Manish Kumar, a notorious criminal from Samastipur with a reward of INR 2 lakh for his capture. Kumar, along with his four accomplices, was apprehended as they were plotting the heist. The police operation, characterized by its efficiency and precision, has been hailed as a testament to proactive policing.

Profiles of the Arrested Criminals

  1. Manish Kumar: With a criminal record extending across West Bengal and Bihar, Manish Kumar is wanted in seven extortion cases. His infamy in Samastipur, where he is considered a top-tier criminal, has made him a prime target for law enforcement.
  2. Vikas Jha: Another significant capture, Vikas Jha, has a litany of cases against him, including robbery, theft, and violations of the Arms Act. His criminal activities span multiple districts, including Darbhanga, Samastipur, Muzaffarpur, and Patna in Bihar, as well as various locations in West Bengal.
  3. Ashutosh Jha: Ashutosh Jha, implicated in two robbery cases in Muzaffarpur and West Bengal, has also been a prominent figure in regional criminal circles. His apprehension marks another critical victory for the police.
  4. Abhinav Anand: Known for his involvement in several cases under the Arms Act, Abhinav Anand’s arrest is particularly noteworthy for the local police in Saharsa, where he has been a persistent threat.

Proactive Policing

This successful operation underscores the importance of proactive policing and inter-departmental coordination. The joint effort between Bihar’s STF and the district police units of Saharsa, Begusarai, and Samastipur exemplifies the effectiveness of collaborative law enforcement in tackling organized crime.

The police have commended the public for their vigilance and cooperation, which played a crucial role in the operation’s success. They have urged citizens to continue supporting law enforcement efforts by reporting suspicious activities promptly.

Further Investigation

The arrested criminals are currently in custody, and further investigations are underway to uncover the full extent of their criminal network. The police are conducting raids based on information provided by the detainees to apprehend additional associates and recover more illegal arms.

The swift and successful apprehension of Manish Kumar and his gang is a significant milestone in Bihar’s fight against organized crime. It not only prevents a potentially violent heist but also sends a clear message to other criminals about the reach and resolve of law enforcement agencies in the region. The police’s commitment to maintaining law and order continues to bolster public confidence and safety.

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